Management Thoughts

MRL has grown into a dynamic organization that manufactures industrial, automotive, additives, industrial speciality, marine, grease chemical products for a wide variety of customers in India.

The Co-Founder of MRL Lubricants India Limited, Mr.Vishva Nath Poddar, set a clear standard for TRIPLE R brand engineering and manufacturing when he said, “It isn’t a product if it isn’t world class.” Of course, the meaning of the “world” he spoke of half a century ago and our global business environment today are very different. Still, as we work today to supply products of increasing quality to people all over the world who use and love the TRIPLE R brand, these words remain an inspiration and a reminder for us to always set our goals high and continue the challenge of pioneering new fields of growth for the future. It is this “spirit of challenge” nurtured over many years that drives us toward constantly higher goals as we seek to build products with TRIPLE R high standard of quality that moves and inspires

  1. Management Principles

1. Creating value that surpasses customer expectations

    • To continue to produce value that moves people, we must remain keenly aware of the customer’s evolving needs.
    • We must strive to find success by always surpassing customer expectations with safe, high-quality products and services.

2. Establishing a corporate environment that fosters self-esteemWe must build a corporate culture that encourages enterprise and enhances corporate vitality. The focus will be on nurturing the creativity and ability of our employees, with an equitable system of evaluation and rewards.

3. Fulfilling social responsibilities globallyAs a good corporate citizen, we act from a worldwide perspective and in accordance with global standards. We must conduct our corporate activities with concern for the environment and communities and fulfill our social responsibility with honesty and sincerity.

Action Guidelines

  • Acting with Speed: Meeting change with swift and informed action
  • Spirit of Challenge: Courage to set higher goals without fear of failure
  • Persistence: Working with tenacity to achieve desired results, and then evaluating them